Beginner Events are competitions which specifically offer first timer and novice competitors a forum to perform without the intimidation of competing against more seasoned athletes and veterans whom are not permitted in these events. The shows are managed to help the new competitors in all aspects of their preparation, stage orientation and show format. Experienced and veteran competitors are not allowed to compete in Beginner Events.


Competitions held within a national territory but restrict competitor participation based upon nationality are designated National Events. These offer specific competition categories as preferred by the local promoter and agreed to by Fitness Universe officials. At Open Events the promoter assumes greater event management responsibilities including enhanced promotion and marketing, officials’ accommodations and more.


International Events are held anywhere in the world but restrict competitor participation based established competition experience qualification criteria. Also, these events are open to competitors representing all countries and nationalities (regardless of current residence). Competitions may be designated both an Open and International depending upon established criteria and participant award status. At most International Events the promoter assumes enhanced management responsibilities including enhanced promotion and marketing, official’s and selected competitor accommodations, media and production services, and more.


Open and International events may qualify to earn Professional Qualifier status. The criteria is based upon the number of competitors in the prior year, event caliber and event reputation, as follows:

(1) Show must have had at least 50 individual competitors (not including cross-overs) in the prior competition season;
(2) If a Pro Qualifier show does not have 50 competitors in a season, then it will loose the Pro Qualifier status and become an Open Event in the following season;
(3) Show must have professional staging, lighting, advertising and show management;
(4) Show production standards must maintain or exceed Fitness Universe™ high standards; and
(5) Show must be well respected among competitors and without any registered complaints in the past season.