All internet marketing must be integrated into the Fitness Universe™ websites and social networking. Every show will have its own website page presenting updated complete show information as provided by the respective promoter. Beginner, Regional, National or International promoters may not create and use independent websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other internet marketing. Also, competitors will be feature in the “Who’s Competing” section as they are submitted by the promoters for posting. On-line entry forms and ticket orders will be posted on the Entry Form and Ticket pages, respectively. Each promoter must have a Pay Pal account for immediate and direct deposit of paid entry fees and ticket orders. Fitness Universe will not collect, hold, disperse and be responsible for promoter event funds.

All website are created and managed by Fitness Universe™ but content can be provided by any Event promoter. All social media pages are created and managed by Fitness Universe™ but can be assigned for management to an Event promoter. No Event promoter is permitted to create an independent social media page or website using the title or URL Musclemania®, Fitness Universe™ or any derivatives.









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