Welcome to the Fitness Universe™ family of shows. Beginning in 1989 as ESPN television program concepts, the series now includes an expanded group of natural fitness show brands:

  • Ms. Bikini Universe™
  • Model Universe™ Championships (Women & Men Divisions)
  • Fitness Universe™ Championships (Women & Men Divisions)
  • Figure Universe Championships
  • Musclemania® Championships
  • Musclemania® Classic Championships
  • Musclemania® Physique (Women & Men Divisions)
  • NEW - Musclemania® Transformation
  • NEW - Musclemania® Calisthenics

The Fitness Universe™ Championships began in 1989 as a televised national event for women who wanted to compete in the fitness arena, but were beyond their competitive high school or collegiate years. It was designed to provide a competitive and enjoyable experience for the contestants and one worthy of the national recognition. And, now with a Men’s Division brings all the excitement of the Fitness Universe™ Championships with even more athleticism and robust power.  With consultation between some of the country’s most recognized fitness authorities and athletes, the Fitness Universe™ Championships continues to improve and change. And, beginning with exclusive international television coverage by ESPN International, New England Sports Network, Fox Sports, Comcast, WB Network, TSN-Canada , Sky Sport Britain,  other sports networks and now with expanded live stream broadcasts, the Championships are truly among the world’s most recognized women’s fitness organizations!

Internationally respected, the Musclemania® World Tour features regional, national and international natural bodybuilding events. Musclemania® competitors are considered leaders in drug free sports by promoting a healthy alternative in an otherwise publicly tainted sport. With exclusive, international television coverage by ESPN International and many other networks, Musclemania® is more recognized than any other natural contest worldwide.  Consistent with its leadership in natural bodybuilding, this season Musclemania® Transformation and Musclemania® Calisthenics are launched in the continue effort to include new natural fitness athletes worldwide.

Because of popular competitor demand, two new events were added over the years as alternatives to the physically demanding Fitness Universe™ Championship events. First, the Ms. Bikini Universe™ started in 2002 and offers attractive women a competitive forum in a classic swimsuit format in provocative sportswear and bikini apparel but with stage presence and showmanship. Figure Universe joined the Fitness Universe™ Tour in 2005 as competitive forum for ladies who have a naturally more muscular appearance than Fitness and Ms. Bikini competitors.

One of the most popular events has quickly become the Model Universe™ Championships. Presented in a classic runway model format, this series of shows offers more conventional sports models with an athletic and fashionable appearance a chance to be seen by talent agents, scouts, producers and other movers and shakers. The competitors may never have considered participating in a fitness, bikini or bodybuilding competitions but are interested in entering and/or furthering their commercial sports modeling careers.

Collectively, these major shows bring distinctively different fitness competitions yet are synergistic and compatible into a single show presentation. They also encourage cross-over competitor entries thereby increasing participant fees and audience ticket sales. And, with more competitors and audience comes increased vendor and sponsor support and added media exposure.  Fitness Universe™ brings it all together for regional promoters or who may chose to select specific events that best suit their marketing skills, athletic experience, regional sports interests and sponsor preferences. Whether collectively or separately, these events are ready for your sports market place.