• No promoter may begin to promote any Fitness Universe™ event without having completed the License and Event Sanction form, submitted all applicable license fees and received an officially executed copy.
  • All US and Canadian event advertising must reference “Regional Event” or "Beginner Event" in title.
  • Fitness Universe™ stages must include all applicable event trademarks including Fitness America Championships, Ms. Bikini America, Figure America, Model America and/or Musclemania (hereinafter “trademarks”). At all Beginner & Regional Events, the trademarks must encompass at least 20% of the staging signage and be appropriately integrated for prominent live audience viewing and photographic and video record.
  • All competitor awards at Fitness Universe™ events must feature the trademarks such that they encompasses at least 50% of available space allocated to event branding on any trophy, plaque, medal, certificate or other award presented.
  • All advertising for Fitness Universe™ events must include the trademarks so as there is no confusion that the competition is properly affiliated. This advertising should include all print (newspaper, magazines, flyers, posters, handbills, etc.), internet website home pages and relevant fitness secondary papers, television, radio and all other electronic media.
  • Any use of the trademarks on apparel or other ancillary products must be licensed by and have prior written approval of Fitness Universe™. This includes the trademarks on t-shirts and other apparel for sale and/or gratuitous distribution to event competitors and event audience. Usage without a formal license is a violation of US and international trademark law.
  • All television, other electronic media, literary books and any and all intellectual property rights featuring the licensed and sanction events are reserved by the Fitness Universe™ and may not be represented and/or negotiated by the promoter with any party without expressed, written permission. However, the promoter may secure local media news and publicity including local television, newspaper, magazine and other media which territory reaches no further than a 100 mile radius from the event venue location.
  • Fitness Universe™ promoters will collect a US$50 membership fee from competitor whom cannot show proof that they have not already paid their 2015 Membership Fee. All collected membership fees must be submitted with 7 days of the event.Fitness Universe Tour promoters will submit to Fitness Universe™ the following within 7 days of each show:
    + Competitor registration forms
    + Competitor liability and media release forms with a valid signature date
    + Show results in MS Excel spreadsheet format
    + Competitor membership registration fees
  • Urinalysis drug testing and proper chain of custody must be conducted by the Fitness Universe™ promoter in accordance with FU policy.